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Conference Information

Policy for Duty of Respect and Equal Opportunity

CP 2015 and ICLP 2015 implement the Association for Constraint Programming policies on duty of care and equal opportunity.

The ACP has installed the following policy for duty of respect and equal opportunity to be observed during its activities.

Duty of Respect

The ACP is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone at its events (conferences, summer schools, etc.), regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, or religion. The ACP enforces a duty of respect policy, even before or after the event. In case of problems, the event organisers may take any actions they deem appropriate.

Equal Opportunity

The ACP is dedicated to providing an equal opportunity of attending its events (conferences, summer schools, etc.) and favours venues with wheelchair accessibility. If you have an accepted paper at an ACP event or your application for participation has been accepted, but you are in a difficult or disadvantaged position that jeopardises your participation, then contact the local organisers of the event. Examples are the provision of childcare during the event, crosschecks on the wheelchair accessibility of the event venues and hotels, as well as financial assistance for the registration and accommodation, and possibly travel, of a PhD student in a difficult financial situation.

Outline Schedule

31st August: Workshops, Doctoral Programs
1st September - 4th September: Main Conference

Visa Support

Nationals of some countries may require a visa to travel to Ireland. We can provide support letters for visa applications for conference delegates. We have been asked to ensure that all supported applications are genuine, and thus intending delegates should email a request to with the following information:

1) Your address and affliation
2a) Title and author list of accepted at either of the main conferences, the doctoral programs or the workshops. Please include the notification email from the relevant program chairs stating that the submission was accepted (but you can omit the reviews)
2b) the DOI of at least one publication in the scope of either of the two conferences, or some other verifiable evidence of an active interest in the scope of the conferences, or a reference from a member of the ACP or ALP. This should also include evidence that a registration fee has been paid.