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CP 2015 Call for Workshops

The CP conference is the premier annual international conference on constraint programming.  We invite proposals for workshops preceding the main conference program.

The purpose of the CP workshops is to provide an informal venue in which participants can

  • explore specific research areas in depth,
  • discuss new research directions,
  • study specific application areas of CP, or
  • bring together researchers from different fields with shared interests.

In previous years, workshop topics included constraint modeling, cloud computing, bioinformatics, CP for verification, theory vs. practice in CP solvers, smart cities, CP solver implementation issues, and many more.

Since CP is co-located with ICLP this year, we are especially interested in workshops that could be of common interest to the CP and ICLP community.

All workshops will take place at the site of the main conference, and follow either a half-day or a full-day format.

Incubator Workshop

The Association for Constraint Programming has issued a call for an Incubator Workshop. An incubator workshop should address a promising novel topic, be multi-disciplinary in nature, and have the aim to broaden the application of CP or deepen its methodologies.

Organizers of the selected incubator workshop can request sponsorship from the ACP to strengthen the workshop program, which can for example be used to support external speakers. The ACP will make EUR 1,500 available for this purpose.

Workshop organizers that want to be considered to receive funding as incubator workshop should indicate this in the CP workshop proposal, together with a clear motivation. More details can be found here:

Important Dates

April 10: Proposal submission deadline
April 17: Acceptance notification
May 8: Workshop web pages available and linked to the main site.  Workshop CFP published.
August 31: CP 2015 Workshops

Proposal format

Each workshop proposal should include the following information (in a single PDF):

  • Title and abstract outlining the goals and scope of the workshop,
  • Description of the target audience,
  • If applicable, a motivation why the workshop is of interest to both the CP and ICLP community,
  • List of tentative (invited) speakers and/or attendees (if available),
  • History of the workshop (if applicable),
  • Relevant experience of the organizing committee,
  • Organizing committee members,
  • Contact information of the main organizers.

Responsibilities of the workshop organizers

The workshop organizers are responsible for:

  • Creating and distributing a call-for-papers, call-for-participation and any other relevant advertising.
  • The calls should make it clear that at least one author of any accepted paper/presentation must attend the event and that contributions will be withdrawn if no such participation is secured with the payment of the workshop dues.  The call should clearly describe the review and selection process.
  • Creating and publishing (in a timely manner) a web site with all the relevant information pertaining to the workshop.
  • Provide an extended abstract for the conference program.
  • Review and select paper/presentation submissions.
  • Schedule the presentations within the workshop.

It should be noted that the conference organization does not budget for free registration, accommodation or travel expenses for the workshop organizers or their invited speakers. The workshop organizers should therefore secure any source of funding / sponsorship deemed necessary for their invited speakers (if any).

Responsibilities of the CP 2015 Organizing Committee

The responsibility of the conference organization is to:

  • Provide publicity for the workshop program as a whole,
  • Provide logistics at the conference venue (meeting room, coffee breaks, etc.),
  • Coordinate the allocation of time blocks for each workshop,
  • Collect the workshop dues covering the costs of space, breaks and distributed documents,
  • Publicize the workshop calls via the CP 2015 Publicity Chair.

Submission process

Please send your proposal by email to the CP 2015 Workshop Chair: Willem-Jan van Hoeve (