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Industrial Day

As part of the George Boole 200 Bicentenary, we invite you to the Industrial Day of CP 2015 on Thursday, September 3rd.  CP 2015, the 21st International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming runs from August 31st to September 5th in the Western Gateway Building of University College Cork. This Industrial Day aims to highlight some of the success stories in using Constraint Programming for practical problems, and shows the different ways academic research can interact with industry.

The day starts off at 09:00 with an invited talk by Claire Bagley, Senior Director Research and Development at Oracle. She will talk about "Constraint-based Problems and Solutions in the Global Enterprise". After a coffee break, there will be a session of application papers, covering topics from road transportation, disaster management, network design and shipping. After Lunch, we have a session on an Industrial Modelling Challenge running throughout the conference, providing an insight how constraint programming can be used for rapid solution development. This is followed by a poster session on Solution Showcases, presenting examples from Irish and international case studies on applications of constraint programming. Areas covered are industrial scheduling, network design and management, energy management, product configuration, personnel rostering, health care solutions, and many others.

The event will finish at 17:30. The detailed schedule can be found at For registration there are two options, both available at the registration page. You can register for the complete day (including lunch and coffee-breaks) for 35 Euro, or for the afternoon session only (free of charge, includes coffee break).

Note: delegates registered for the full CP/ICLP conferences do not need to register separately for the industry day.

What: Industrial Day at CP 2015
Where: Western Gateway Building, Western Road, University College Cork
When: Thursday, September 3rd, 08:30-17:30
Contact: Helmut Simonis, Insight Centre for Data Analytics,

The following posters will be presented during the industrial day.

Title Authors
Finding Your Way Back: Mobility Profile Mining with Constraints Lars Kotthoff, Riccardo Guidotti, Mirco Nanni, Barry O' Sullivan
Short Term Scheduling in Open-Pit Mines with Multiple Objectives Michelle Blom, Adrian Pearce, Peter Stuckey
Scheduling the Port of Newcastle with Constraint Programming Gleb Belov, Natashia Boland, Martin Savelsbergh, Peter Stuckey
Air Traffic Management using Constraint Programming Pierre Flener, Justin Pearson
Learning Constraints for Reducing Combinatorics Nicolas Beldiceanu, Helmut Simonis, Georgiana Ifrim, Arnaud Lenoir, Jean-Yves Lucas
StrategicMRI: An Investment Planning Tool for Radiology Departments Hadrien Cambazard, Helmut Simonis, Barry O'Sullivan
Irish Naval Service Strategic Planning Demonstrator Helmut Simonis, Barry O'Sullivan
Two Challenges in the Design of Long-Reach PONs Alejandro Arbelaez, Deepak Mehta, Barry O'Sullivan, Cemalettin Ozturk, Luis Quesada
Scheduling Match Races for Sailing Craig Macdonald, Ciaran McCreesh, Alice Miller, Patrick Prosser
Scheduling Maintenance in Wind Farms A. Froger, M. Gendreau, J.E. Mendoza, E. Pinson, L.M. Rousseau
Analysis of Telecommunication Logs Olga Grinchtein, Mats Carlsson, Justin Pearson
Scheduling Scientific Experiments on the Rosetta/Philae Mission G. Simonin, C. Artiques, E. Hebrard, P. Lopez, P. Ballereau
Constraint-Based Random Stimuli Generation for Hardware Verification Merav Aharoni, Yael Bin-Haim, Eyal Bin
Scheduling Call Centers using Constraints Marie Pelleau, Louis-Martin Rousseau, Pierre L'Ecuyer, Walid Zegal, Louis Delorme
Unison: Assembly Code Generation Using Constraint Programming Roberto Castaneda Lozano, Gabriel Blindell, Mats Carlsson, Christian Schulte
A Constraints-Based Structual Bioinformatics Tool Ludwig Krippahl, Pedro Barahona
A CP Scheduler for Heterogeneous High-Performance Computing Machines Thomas Bridi, Andrea Bartolini, Michele Lombardi, Michela Milano and Luca Benini
ePolicy: Engineering the Policy-Making Life Cycle ePolicy project team
Dental School Timetabling Hadrien Cambazard, Helmut Simonis, Barry O'Sullivan
Scheduling the UCC Combined Heat and Power Plant Helmut Simonis, Mike O'Keefe, Aneel Rahim
Maintenance Scheduling for Rolling Stock in the Rail Sector Diarmuid Grimes, Padraig O'Duinn, Barry O'Sullivan
Large Neighborhood Search for Energy-Efficient Train Timetabling Diarmuid Grimes, Barry Hurley, Deepak Mehta, Barry O'Sullivan
Personalized Context Aware Telecom Services David Lesaint, Luis Quesada, Deepak Mehta, Barry O'Sullivan
Frequency Assignment in LR-PON with Global Constraints Luis Quesada, Deepak Mehta, Barry O'Sullivan, Cemalettin Ozturk, Helmut Simonis
Time Series Pattern Search Paul Davern, Barry O'Sullivan, Derek Bridge
Constraint Based Methods for Flexible Manufacturing Systems Cemalettin Öztürk, Brahim Hnich, Arslan M. Örnek, Semra Tunali
Comparing Solution Methods for the Machine Reassignment Problem Deepak Mehta, Barry O'Sullivan, Helmut Simonis
Big Data Analytics on Mine Production Smart Meter Data to Enhance
Electricity Trading Situational Intelligence
Alan Kinsella, Alan Smeaton, Barry Hurley, Barry O'Sullivan, Helmut Simonis
Computational Protein Design Through Deterministic Search and Counting David Simoncini, Clement Viricel, Seydou Traore, David Allouche, Simon de Givry, Isabelle Andre, Sophie Barbe, Thomas Schiex
Nonlinear Programming for Power Network Optimization Carleton Coffrin, Hassan L. Hijazi, Pascal Van Hentenryck
Managing Restaurant Tables Using Constraints Alfio Vidotto, Ken Brown, Chris Beck
Coordinating Spectrum Access in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks David Stynes, Ken Brown, Eric Jul
Design and Evauation of a Constraint Based Energy Saving and Scheduling Recommender System Sean Og Murphy, Oscar Manzano, Ken Brown
Data Analytics and Optimisation for Assessing Ride Sharing Systems Vincent Armant, Nahid Mahub, Ken Brown
Automotive Sequencing Thorsten Winterer