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CP 2015 Accepted Papers

The CP 2015 proceedings are now available online

Technical and Application Papers

  • Projection, Consistency, and George Boole
    John Hooker.
    Constraints Journal fast track:
  • Exact Sampling for Regular and Markov constraints with Belief Propagation
    Alexandre Papadopoulos, Francois Pachet, Pierre Roy and Jason Sakellariou.
  • General bounding mechanism for Constraint Programs
    Minh Hoàng Hà, Claude-Guy Quimper and Louis-Martin Rousseau.
  • Fleet design optimisation from historical data using constraint programming and large neighbourhood search
    Tommaso Urli and Philip Kilby.
    Constraints Journal fast track:
  • Smaller Selection Networks for Cardinality Constraints Encoding
    Michał Karpiński and Marek Piotrów.
  • Restricted Path Consistency Revisited
    Kostas Stergiou.
  • Constructing Sailing Match Race Schedules: Round-Robin Pairing Lists
    Craig Macdonald, Ciaran McCreesh, Alice Miller and Patrick Prosser.
  • A Parallel, Backjumping Subgraph Isomorphism Algorithm using Supplemental Graphs
    Ciaran McCreesh and Patrick Prosser.
  • Broken Triangles Revisited
    Martin Cooper, Aymeric Duchein and Guillaume Escamocher.
  • Hybridization of Interval CP and Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimizing Difficult Problems
    Charlie Vanaret, Jean-Baptiste Gotteland, Nicolas Durand and Jean-Marc Alliot.
  • MiniSearch: a solver-independent meta-search language for MiniZinc
    Andrea Rendl, Tias Guns, Peter J. Stuckey and Guido Tack.
  • Using Finite Transducers for Describing and Synthesising Structural Time-Series Constraints
    Nicolas Beldiceanu, Mats Carlsson, Remi Douence and Helmut Simonis.
    Constraints Journal fast track:
  • Joint Vehicle and Crew Routing and Scheduling
    Edward Lam, Pascal Van Hentenryck and Philip Kilby.
  • Pseudopolynomial simulation of DNNF by a Non-determinstic read-once branching program
    Igor Razgon.
  • The Unary Resource with Transition Times
    Cyrille Dejemeppe, Sascha Van Cauwelaert and Pierre Schaus.
  • Upper and Lower Bounds on the Time Complexity of Infinite-domain CSPs
    Peter Jonsson and Victor Lagerkvist.
  • Open Packing for Facade-Layout Synthesis Under a General Purpose Solver
    Andrés Felipe Barco Santa, Jean-Guillaume Fages, Elise Vareilles, Michel Aldanondo and Paul Gaborit.
  • Simple and Scalable time-table filtering for the Cumulative Constraint
    Steven Gay, Renaud Hartert and Pierre Schaus.
  • Design and Evaluation of a Constraint-based Energy Saving and Scheduling Recommender System
    Seán Óg Murphy, Oscar Manzano and Ken Brown.
  • General Game Playing with Stochastic CSP
    Frédéric Koriche, Sylvain Lagrue, Eric Piette and Sébastien Tabary.
    Constraints Journal fast track:
  • Machine learning of Bayesian networks using constraint programming
    Peter van Beek and Hella-Franziska Hoffmann.
  • PREFIX-PROJECTION Global Constraint for Sequential Pattern Mining
    Amina Kemmar, Samir Loudni, Lebbah Yahia, Patrice Boizumault and Thierry Charnois.
  • Strengthening Convex Relaxations with Bound Tightening for Power Network Optimization
    Carleton Coffrin, Hassan Hijazi and Pascal Van Hentenryck.
  • Visual Search Tree Profiling
    Maxim Shishmarev, Christopher Mears, Guido Tack and Maria Garcia De La Banda.
    Constraints Journal fast track:
  • Scheduling Running Modes of Satellite Instruments Using Constraint-Based Local Search
    Cédric Pralet, Solange Lemai-Chenevier and Jean Jaubert.
  • Modeling Universal Instruction Selection
    Gabriel Hjort Blindell, Roberto Castañeda Lozano, Mats Carlsson and Christian Schulte.
  • Combined Translations of Linear Constraints to CNF
    Ignasi Abío, Valentin Mayer-Eichberger and Peter J. Stuckey.
  • Modeling and Solving Project Scheduling with Calendars
    Stefan Kreter, Andreas Schutt and Peter Stuckey.
  • Automated Auxiliary Variable Elimination through On-the-Fly Propagator Generation
    Jean-Noël Monette, Pierre Flener and Justin Pearson.
  • A Constraint Programming Approach for Non-Preemptive Evacuation Scheduling
    Caroline Even, Andreas Schutt and Pascal Van Hentenryck.
  • On Tree-Preserving Constraints
    Shufeng Kong, Sanjiang Li, Yongming Li and Zhiguo Long.
  • A General Framework for Reordering Agents Asynchronously in Distributed CSP
    Mohamed Wahbi, Younes Mechqrane, Christian Bessiere and Ken Brown.
  • Randomness as a Constraint
    Steven Prestwich, Roberto Rossi and Armagan Tarim.
  • A Microstructure-based Family of Tractable Classes for CSPs
    Martin Cooper, Philippe Jégou and Cyril Terrioux.
  • On computing Minimal Independent Support and its applications to sampling and counting
    Alexander Ivrii, Sharad Malik, Kuldeep S. Meel and Moshe Vardi.
    Constraints Journal fast track:
  • Two Clause Learning Approaches for Disjunctive Scheduling
    Mohamed Siala, Christian Artigues and Emmanuel Hebrard.
  • Constrained Mimimum Sum of Squares Clustering by Constraint Programming
    Thi-Bich-Hanh Dao, Khanh-Chuong Duong and Christel Vrain.
  • Anytime Hybrid Best-First Search with Tree Decomposition for Weighted CSP
    David Allouche, Simon de Givry, George Katsirelos, Thomas Schiex and Matthias Zytnicki.
  • Power Capping in High Performance Computing systems
    Andrea Borghesi, Michele Lombardi, Michela Milano and Luca Benini.
  • Automatically Improving SAT Encoding of Constraint Problems through Common Subexpression Elimination in Savile Row
    Peter Nightingale, Patrick Spracklen and Ian Miguel.
  • Conflict-Ordering Search
    Steven Gay, Renaud Hartert, Christophe Lecoutre and Pierre Schaus.
  • Automatically Generating Streamlined Constraint Models with Essence and Conjure
    James Wetter, Ozgur Akgun and Ian Miguel.
  • Solving Segment Routing Problems with Constraint Programming Techniques
    Renaud Hartert, Pierre Schaus, Stefano Vissicchio and Olivier Bonaventure.
  • A Constraint-Based Approach for the Differential Harvest Problem
    Nicolas Briot, Christian Bessiere and Philippe Vismara.
  • A Global Constraint for a Tractable Class of Temporal Optimization Problems
    Alban Derrien, Jean-Guillaume Fages, Thierry Petit and Charles Prud'Homme.
  • Constraint-based Local Search for Finding Node Disjoint Paths in Optical Access Networks
    Alejandro Arbelaez, Deepak Mehta and Barry O'Sullivan.
  • Smallest MUS Extraction with Minimal Hitting Set Dualization
    Alexey Ignatiev, Alessandro Previti, Mark Liffiton and Joao Marques-Silva.
  • Find Your Way Back: Mobility Profile Mining with Constraints
    Lars Kotthoff, Mirco Nanni, Riccardo Guidotti and Barry O'Sullivan.
  • Exploiting GPUs in Solving (Distributed) Constraint Optimization Problems with Dynamic Programming
    Ferdinando Fioretto, Tiep Le, Enrico Pontelli, William Yeoh and Tran Cao Son.
  • Generalized Totalizer Encoding for Pseudo-Boolean Constraints
    Saurabh Joshi, Ruben Martins and Vasco Manquinho.
  • Optimizing the Cloud Service Experience using Constraint Programming
    Serdar Kadioglu, Michael Colena, Steven Huberman and Claire Bagley.
  • Bounding an Optimal Search Path with a Game of Cop and Robber on graphs
    Frédéric Simard, Michael Morin, Claude-Guy Quimper, François Laviolette and Josée Desharnais.
  • Deterministic estimation of the expected makespan of a POS under duration uncertainty
    Michele Lombardi, Alessio Bonfietti and Michela Milano.
  • Improved Constraint Propagation via Lagrangian Decomposition
    David Bergman, Andre Cire and Willem-Jan Van Hoeve.

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