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George Boole Bicentenary Celebration


Prof. Barry O’Sullivan, Head of Department, Computer Science, University College Cork

Prof. Eugene C. Freuder, Emeritus Research Professor, University College Cork

About the Celebration

The George Boole Bicentenary Celebration will be held in University College Cork over the weekend of August 28th 2015, and will run over the entire weekend. The conference will provide a forum for a comprehensive and accessible celebration of Boole and his legacy. The conference is free and is open to the Irish academic community, the public, industry, and any other interested individuals or groups. The objectives of the event are: to celebrate the life and research of George Boole; to bring together distinguished academics and personalities to mark this occasion; and to provide an insight into the legacy of George Boole.

In addition to the programme of talks, the celebration will feature a set of Thematic Sessions on the UCC Library Boole Collection, the genealogy of George Boole, and the renovation of Grenville Place. There will also be a set of parallel events and activities including: the Boole Library Exhibition; the Boolean Expressions Exhibition at Lewis Glucksman Gallery; Boole Campus Tours from the UCC Visitors’ Centre; and screenings of the new Boole documentary film.



  1. Kevin Boole, Australia
  2. Dr. Oren Etzioni, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, USA
  3. Dr. Kenneth M. Ford, IHMC, Florida, USA
  4. Professor Geoffrey E. Hinton, Google and University of Toronto, Canada
  5. Professor John Hooker, Tepper Business School, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  6. Professor Robert Kowalski, Imperial College, London, UK
  7. Professor Francesca Rossi, University of Padova, Italy
  8. Professor Dana S. Scott, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  9. Professor Michael Wooldridge, University of Oxford, UK


  1. Professor Mark Keane, University College Dublin
  2. Bill Liao, CoderDojo, Cork, Ireland


  1. Professor Eugene Freuder, Computer Science, UCC
  2. Professor Desmond MacHale, Mathematics, UCC
  3. Professor Barry O’Sullivan, Computer Science, UCC
  4. Professor Michel Schellekens, Computer Science, UCC
  5. Olivia Frawley, Project Manager, George Boole Family History Project, UCC
  6. Colette McKenna – Director of Library Services, UCC
  7. Crónán Ó Doibhlin, Boole Library, UCC

Thematic Sessions

  1. Boole Library Boole Collection - Cronan O Doibhlin
  2. Genealogy of George Boole - Olivia Frawley and Kevin Boole
  3. Grenville Place - representatives of Cork City Council and UCC
  4. Parallel Events and Activities
  5. Boole Library Exhibition
  6. Boolean Expressions Exhibition, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, UCC
  7. Boole Campus Tours, UCC Visitors’ Centre, UCC
  8. Boole documentary screenings

Parallel Events and Activities

  1. Boole Library Exhibition
  2. Boolean Expressions Exhibition, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, UCC
  3. Boole Campus Tours, UCC Visitors’ Centre, UCC
  4. Boole documentary screenings


The George Boole Bicentenary Celebration will be held in Boole 4, Boole Lecture Theatres, UCC. For directions, see OpenStreetMap or Google Maps.