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ICLP Workshops

International Workshop on User-Oriented Logic Programming (IULP 2015)

The International Workshop on User-Oriented Logic Programming (IULP) focuses on discussing different aspects involved in making logic programming more user-friendly/oriented, where the "user" could be either a logic programming expert, or a non-expert who simply uses logic programming tools in some application.

IULP aims to bring together researchers from different sub-areas of logic programming, such as answer set programming, constraint logic programming, probabilistic logic programming, abductive logic programming, inductive logic programming, argumentation etc., as user-friendliness is an important topic in all of these sub-areas.

International Workshop on Argumentation and Logic Programming (ArgLP 2015)

The First International Workshop on Argumentation and Logic Programming (ArgLP 2015) is a forum for researchers who are interested in both Argumentation Theory and Logic Programming. Since Logic Programming has been influencing fundamental roots of argumentation, ArgLP is aiming to catch the attention of the logic programming community to increase the influence of logic programming in the new theoretical and practical developments of formal argumentation. Therefore, ArgLP promotes the development of innovative theoretical results and applications that connect the two fields, or consider Argumentation and Logic Programming as starting points.

Workshop on Constraint Based Methods in Bioinformatics (WCB 2015)

During recent years, Biology has become a source of challenging problems for the entire field of Computer Science in general, and for the areas of computational logic and constraint programming in particular. The WCB workshop, the 11th of the series, aims at exchanging ideas between researchers and collecting, if possible, new problems to be faced in the next future by our community. Revised, extended versions of WCB papers are welcomed to a special track in the ALMOB Journal (IF 1.86).

Workshop on Probabilistic Logic Programming (PLP 2015)

The Second Workshop on Probabilistic Logic Programming (PLP) brings together researchers interested in using Logic Programming methods and technology to reason about relational domains under uncertainty. The need for such methods arises in a variety of application domains, such as bioinformatics, the semantic web, robotics, and many more. Developments in PLP include new languages that combine logic programming with probability theory, machine learning and inference algorithms for these languages, theoretical results about their computational or knowledge representation properties, implementation of usable systems, and the study of applications.

Workshop on Answer Set Programming and Other Computing Paradigms (ASPOCP 2015)

ASPOCP 2015 is the 8th edition of the Workshop on Answer Set Programming and Other Computing Paradigms. Since its introduction in the late 1980s, answer set programming (ASP) has been widely applied to various knowledge-intensive tasks and combinatorial search problems. The relationship between ASP and SAT or other computing paradigms has been the subject of active research and has led to new methods of computing answer sets. Practical applications of ASP also foster work on multi-paradigm problem-solving, and in particular language and solver integration. This workshop will facilitate the discussion about crossing the boundaries of current ASP techniques in theory, solving, and applications, in combination with or inspired by other computing paradigms.